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By humanizing the exploration process, we create respectful spaces to navigate uncomfortable, yet necessary, conversations surrounding race, gender, and systemic oppression. The core of this work is nurturing empathy, developing culturally competent communication skills, and fostering symbiotic relationships that convert policy to practice.


2 hrs.
Overview and brief discussion examining concepts of identity, terminology, diversity vs decolonization, unconscious bias, critical race theory.


Participants will gain rudimentary understanding of these concepts and provide a starting point for deeper learning.


4 hrs.  Activities of 2-hour session PLUS:
Break-out sessions and hands-on activities. Participants will be invited to explore their own identities and critically examine systemic barriers to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of power and oppression.


Participants will gain experience integrating concepts into conversations with one another.

7 hrs.  Activities of 2- and 4-hour sessions PLUS:
Customized session with high-level analysis of organizations current cultural climate and challenges. We will brainstorm solutions and look at what other organizations have done to address their barriers to equity and justice.


Participants will connect ideas to practical applications within their organizations.